Jobs at MorriSofa

Job Description:
  1. 1. Development, maintenance and management of regional channels based on the marketing and sales strategies set out by the company;
  2. 2. Assistance to stores in maintaining our brand image and boosting sales;
  3. 3. Assistance to stores in optimizing their operational capabilities;
  4. 4. Sales staff training for the stores to improve their professional proficiency;
  5. 5. Enhancing the marketing capacity of stores in local markets;
  6. 6. Assistance to the company in formulating future sales policies.

  1. 1. Junior college degree or above in marketing-related majors;
  2. 2. At least 2 years of high-end consumer durables channel sales and marketing experience and brand awareness, preferably in the furniture industry;
  3. 3. Channel marketing analysis and management skills;
  4. 4. Solid communication and negotiation skills;
  5. 5. Solid planning, organizational and coordination skills;
  6. 6. Solid teamwork skills;
  7. 7. Familiarity with Office and preferably proficiency in CAD;
  8. 8. Able to travel frequently;
  9. 9. Ready to challenge for a higher pay.
Job Description:
  1. 1. Contacting clients, building a network and accomplishing sales targets;
  2. 2. Expanding and maintaining our existing customer base with marketing skills and maximizing the percentage of repeat customers and customer satisfaction;
  3. 3. Observing the rules and regulations of the company and maintaining the tidiness of stores; Able to perform the tasks assigned by the company;

  1. 1. High school degree or above, good appearance and preferably at least one year’s experience in the sofa industry; fresh interior design or art graduates are welcomed;
  2. 2. Outgoing, responsive, communicative, amicable, responsible and able to work under pressure;
  3. 3. Passionate about the sales industry and willing to work in the fashion and FF&E industry and grow with the company;
  4. 4. Passionate about learning new things and ready to challenge for a higher pay. Career path: Sales representative - sales executive - store manager - regional manager
Job Description:
  1. 1. Shopping guide via live chat tools, responding to customers’ questions and facilitating the deals;
  2. 2. Familiar with our products, professional proficient and able to execute our corporate institutions;
  3. 3. Familiar with the process of major online shopping platforms and assisting customers in completing their orders;

  1. 1. High school degree or above; fresh interior design graduates or art graduates are welcomed;
  2. 2. Proficient in all chat tools and Office;
  3. 3. Proficient enough in typewriting to be able to respond to at least four online clients simultaneously;
  4. 4. Passionate about learning new things and ready to challenge for a higher pay. Career path: Tmall customer service - Tmall executive - Tmall store manager
Job Description:
  1. 1. FF&E design for our stores based on our furniture products;
  2. 2. Achieving guaranteed overall FF&E results and supervising over the layout on site;
  3. 3. Display design and supervision for our storefront, showrooms, experience stores, etc.;
  4. 4. Posts and matching schemes of the FF&E section of our Wechat account;
  5. 5. Design scheme management and operation training and guidance for the sales staff and related executives within the region in question.

  1. 1. Decorative design or interior or exterior design graduates or graduates of other related majors;
  2. 2. At least two years of working experience, preferably in high-end FF&E design;
  3. 3. Rich expertise, solid color matching skills and strong visual matching capability;
  4. 4. Familiar with the manufacturing techniques of high-end home accessories;
  5. 5. Proficient in AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Photoshop and other software tools;
  6. 6. Quick learner with strong work ethic, passion for design and creativity.